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Glee is the first TV show I've been psyched about in a while. Not like "oh yay, new TV" but more like "omg, music and snark and a whole host of things that mysteriously endear it to me!!!!" So, yeah, super happy about TV tonight. I was even excited enough about new TV to watch So You Think You Can Dance beforehand. I cringe a million times less watching those auditions than American Idol, which always makes me think I could get into the show, until I don't.

Anyway... Glee! I missed about the first 15 minutes because I was half-watching while my dad quizzed me about a box of books they found at the house. I think he was a little appalled that I was giving up all of my Western books and Wuthering Heights (hated that) but yeah, those were all packaged up to be given away or donated or something and they just never were.

I don't know why I have this thing about musicals. I absolutely loved watching Were the World Mine the other night, and Glee... well, I've watched the pilot at least 10 times, and I've already decided I'll be re-watching this episode a couple of times before next week too. So, congratulations to Glee for bringing me back to TV with some actual enthusiasm.

Maybe I'll actually make a post-ep post after re-watching later. Missing most of the beginning, I want to be sure I didn't miss anything.

I know I suck as an LJ friend at the moment, I barely comment, and yesterday I had a whole post written up about how I don't really like A Midsummer Night's Dream but still seem to like Puck before I realized no one is remotely interested in that and scrapped it all. I'm going to try to get better, I just over-think commenting to the point that I second-guess everything I want to say and end up not saying anything at all. Someday, maybe I won't think so damn much and I'll just be.

And now, back to half-watching Top Chef and playing Plants vs Zombies.


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