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I don't think I new true terror until I thought Moxie was going to die within the confines of a cinder block wall. Seriously.

What makes an animal want to cram themselves down a hole in a 6ft high wall is beyond me. That she would do it twice is even more unfathomable. And then having to finally reach in and pull her out? My arm is all kinds of scraped and nasty today, thanks to this awesome situation.

Is it bad that I'm trying to write some short non-fiction about this event? I figure, if something can be simultaneously humorous and terrifying I might as well attempt to get the most out of it that I can. Although I tend to suck at writing funny so I'm not quite sure on that point.

Other than that... the only thing I've really got going on is the job search and messing around with my mother's WiiFit. I'm actually somewhat awesome when it comes to skateboarding, at least there I am, lol.

At least I have the option to be online for a little while.

How is 2010 looking for the f-list so far? I still can't really believe that it's here.


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