Apr. 21st, 2014 01:57 pm
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Today, I have learned it's necessary to just bite the bullet and speak up. Apparently no one else complained about the sections of dead air during the broadcast of the Red Sox games online. Maybe because it was just during commercial time? I can't be the only person to have noticed this, but somehow I was the first person to complain.

It's baseball season. I look forward to this time of year with a ridiculous level of anticipation. My father played baseball growing up, he coached it when I was little, my sister and I playing it when we were kids, and I think everyone in my immediate family applies philosophies from the game to everyday life.

That being said, I am still an anomaly in my family. Being from northern Minnesota it should be natural to cheer for the Twins. For the first two decades of my life, that made sense. Then college happened.

In my first required college writing class I was paired with a student who wrote an essay about following the Red Sox since he was a kid. He talked about being introduced to them by a relative, excitedly watching the old games, and then the crushing realization that they were cursed. Being a baseball person, I understood the essay on a few levels and though I didn't realize it at the time, I took it to heart.

The next fall, in the midst of the post-season, I watched and listened as the Red Sox did the impossible and came from behind against the Yankees in the ALCS and then won it all at the World Series.

I can't say for certain it had to do with reading that essay (especially considering my deep seated hatred of the Yankees) but I'm a romantic at heart and watching the Red Sox in the post-season led me to my team. From that moment on, something had been irrevocably changed within my soul. (Yes, baseball can be equated to a religious experience in my book.)

The only major downside of being a fan of the Red Sox is not being from the New England area. It's impossible for me to watch every game during the regular season. I scour their schedule for every nationally broadcast game and know well in advance when they're going to be playing the Twins since those are the only times I'm guaranteed the option to watch. Without the watching option, that leaves the radio.

I think this aspect of baseball is vastly undersold to spectators. I don't like every announcer, but it's actually necessary for them to talk so they can describe things to the listeners. I appreciate baseball on the radio, in some ways it feels more natural to me than televised play. So, every year, I shell out money for an audio subscription since any other avenue would be next-to-impossible to navigate.

I'll take the Red Sox pretty much any way that I am capable of getting them. At least the internet has afforded me the avenue of being able to listen. Even if they make my heart soar one minute and ache the next.
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