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I've been really annoyed with myself lately. I've been sleeping during the day so much more than usual. My day off would be me getting up at my regular time and then sitting and knitting for maybe 30 minutes before I nodded off in the chair. Or, I'd sit and watch TV and fall asleep.

This is not the norm for me, at all. I suppose I could attribute it to being another year older and poor sleeping habits, but it's felt like more than that.

The only clue I've had to go on is how completely irritable I've been when it comes to dealing with my parents. Usually, I'm able to roll my eyes and just move on from whatever annoying thing may have been said or done. Lately, it's been me rolling my eyes and then fuming internally while getting more and more annoyed for no discernible reason.

Yesterday, I remembered something, and figured it out. I'm an introvert, which pretty much means recharging time for me is solitude, of which I have had none.

It's been at least 2 weeks since I had more than an hour or two completely to myself. I've spent the past month working 5-6 days a week and then spending my Sunday off with my family. I've taken for granted the fact that it's after April 15th and now my parents are home on the weekends again. We're back to actually co-habitating instead of everyone using the house as a sleeping station.

I forgot just how much I relish the downtime tax season affords me. Of course, just as it's impossible to bank sleeping hours, I can't save up my alone time for the days when introverted me is being bombarded with people.

Tonight, instead of socializing at our weekly knitting group, I'm going home to crash into the solitude of my freshly-cleaned bedroom (another thing that has definitely been dragging me down mentally). I think I need to take some time to consider how I can better utilize those recharging hours too, considering I've spent a lot of that time thinking about stuff I should be doing and then never acting on any of those urges.

It's actually a relief to have recognized where my feelings were coming from and figuring out a way to deal with them. I probably wouldn't have these coping abilities if it weren't for a book I read a couple years ago: Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can't Stop Talking. I would highly recommend this book to introverts as well as extroverts. I think it makes introverts a little more capable of understanding themselves, and extroverts might gain a little insight into the minds of the introverts in their lives.
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