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I took 2 years of Spanish when I was in high school, and a required semester of it when I was in college and then promptly left it all behind.

Fast-forward to eleven years later, and a summer day in 2014, when I decide, purely based on the fact that I can understand the title of a telenovela that I will watch it for a few minutes. I caught maybe one word in ten, and that is probably an overstatement because wow is Spanish hard to understand when you haven't heard it in more than a decade and could barely speak it in the first place.

I still can't explain why I ended up stuck on this show, because the premise was ridiculous (a pole dancer leads a double-life as a nanny to a widower with 7 children), so many things were exaggerated for what appeared to be comic effect, and it made some of the plotlines on the other soap operas I've watched seem tame. Apparently I am a sucker for chemistry though, and I've been unable to walk away.

The show ended a little over a week ago, and I'm behind in episodes, so it doesn't feel like it's over for me yet. Watching this show has been a bit like reading a fanfic filled with some light angst and so much fluff. So much fluff.

I don't know what I will watch when this is done. I think I am ruined for television at this point.
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