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This weekend is going to be all about car maintenance. Why? Well, it's due for an oil change and a wash considering the hell of driving on 10 miles of dirt road on Sunday. The real fun though? The "present" I found in my cup holder after work yesterday. Something was/is/may-still-be living in my car. Now, every unfamiliar sound I hear puts me on alert and I'm constantly looking out for whatever this thing might be. It's my own fault for letting things sit in there I suppose, not that anything is rotting or something. But, before I left on Sunday, I left the windows open to cool off the interior and that's most likely when whatever it is got in. *sigh* Anyone have pointers for making sure it's gone? Somehow it seems unwise to set traps in my vehicle.

Other things I ended up bringing home with me include a craving for something I haven't eaten in years. It's impossible to explain why I like this thing, it may just be the memory of my grandmother that makes it so enjoyable. Braunschweiger and a lightly salted cucumber on a Ritz cracker. I honestly can't remember the last time I ate it. I do remember the first, oddly enough. I remember watching my grandmother put together this completely random snack, lining up those crackers and stacking the various pieces before sprinkling them with some salt and then picking one up and taking a bite. I'm still surprised she managed to get my sister to eat any of them, considering how picky of an eater she is. But the second Em mentioned it last weekend, we both kind of let out a mutual groan of longing at the memory of this snack.

The thing is, I come from a family of weird eaters, on both sides. I remember my Grandma K crushed up saltines to put them on her ice cream. My Grandpa G puts cheese whiz and sliced olives on some kind of thinly sliced bread. My mother eats peanut butter and pickle sandwiches. My sister and I regularly mix applesauce and cottage cheese into something that looks disgusting and yet tastes amazing.

Can you tell I'm incredibly hungry this morning?

I'm sure I've completely disgusted people at this point, but do those of you have any weird food combinations you would like to share? I'm actually interested, mostly because I don't want my family to be the weirdest one on the planet when it comes to food. :P


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