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I can tell I'm anxious for warm weather. It's constantly sitting in the back of my mind, lurking there, and making me frustrated with the current weather situation. For the most part I can deal with spring in Minnesota. I'm comfortable with there being snow on the ground (not falling from the sky, but slowly melting away) through April. I can even deal with some of the temperature fluctuations when we go from frost on the ground in the morning to the mid-50s in the afternoon and then back down again in the evening.

I just wish it didn't go on for so long. Especially when people start talking about all the things they're doing for spring and I can't even think about starting a garden until the end of May or beginning of June. I also don't love the howling winds that seems to be scouring everything off the face of the earth for days at a time. Call me crazy, but listening to them careening around the corner of the house every night is unnerving and it makes it impossible for me to sleep peacefully.

In the mean time, I'm becoming a better container gardener. Thanks to the internet, I'm actually managing to keep plants alive. I think it also helps that I have an office with a window at work, and I can keep the plants in places where they get decent light.

So far, the only thing I've been incapable of keeping seems to be aloe vera plants. This is odd to me because a few years back I was pretty much swimming in them and now they're all dead and gone and I couldn't even get a new one to survive.

For the longest time, I thought I had a black thumb instead of a green one. However, thanks to the miracle of the internet, there are answers to pretty much every question, so I'm able to do a bit of research and in the end not kill my plants. Exciting, isn't it?

Now I just have to avoid killing these plants, but they're hardy, so apparently you have to TRY to kill them.


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