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I've been commissioned to help clean out my Grandfather's apartment. I'm pretty sure I'll be in there almost every day of this week along with the weekend because he's definitely not moving back at this point. I know he isn't thrilled with being in the nursing home but it takes him a little longer to bring up moving out each time he sees my dad, it's like the idea is sort of beginning to root itself into his brain as normal.

Today, the task was taking all of the pictures down from his walls so they could hang them up in his room at the nursing home. I can't help but wonder what any of them are going to mean to him in a few months time. Even now, he's invented stories about some of them which are completely untrue. How much longer before the faces in those frames don't mean anything to him? It sort of makes me wonder exactly what the point is in bringing them to him. Of course, maybe surrounding him with familiar faces will help maintain what little of a connection he has left. There is just so much I don't know or understand about this disease.

Life with the cats continues to remain interesting. Moxie keeps getting herself into trouble and stirring up problems with Sylvia. I think probably the worst thing happened on Friday night though.

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