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I've been commissioned to help clean out my Grandfather's apartment. I'm pretty sure I'll be in there almost every day of this week along with the weekend because he's definitely not moving back at this point. I know he isn't thrilled with being in the nursing home but it takes him a little longer to bring up moving out each time he sees my dad, it's like the idea is sort of beginning to root itself into his brain as normal.

Today, the task was taking all of the pictures down from his walls so they could hang them up in his room at the nursing home. I can't help but wonder what any of them are going to mean to him in a few months time. Even now, he's invented stories about some of them which are completely untrue. How much longer before the faces in those frames don't mean anything to him? It sort of makes me wonder exactly what the point is in bringing them to him. Of course, maybe surrounding him with familiar faces will help maintain what little of a connection he has left. There is just so much I don't know or understand about this disease.

Life with the cats continues to remain interesting. Moxie keeps getting herself into trouble and stirring up problems with Sylvia. I think probably the worst thing happened on Friday night though.

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I'm fairly certain I had a Harry Potter based dream early this morning. There was something about me getting separated from a group of people, trying to use the deluminator to find them, and a failed attempt to disapparate. I guess I'm just glad I didn't dream about splinching myself.

Outside of that, the greatest excitement in my life at the moment is probably watching Moxie and Sylvia duke it out. Moxie's new favorite thing to do is to sort of follow Sylvia around the house. I'm not sure what that's about, but whenever she gets too close a lot of screaming and growling is sure to follow, usually at some ungodly hour of the morning. But, there's nothing like a cat fight to get you started on your day. I'm always wide awake with my heart racing in fear when it happens.

Moxie continues to be very interested in getting to places she shouldn't be. The problem is that most of the time she's so cute about it that I end up being charmed instead of angry. We've worked out most of the problems though, and things seem to be slowly settling down for everyone. At least I think they might be.

It's at times hard an other times comforting to be around here. I find that I appreciate a few more of the small town quirks that just don't exist in the cities. At the same time, those same things can be so incredibly aggravating that I just want to scream. Few things happen in this town that no one knows about, it's a blessing and a curse I guess.

Cat Tales

Jan. 13th, 2010 05:46 pm
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The moving has happened, my old apartment is all cleaned out and Moxie and I are attempting some form of acclimation back in my parents house. This is so totally not how I pictured my life going at the moment, but I'm attempting to make the most of it and hoping against hope that I can figure out some sort of direction for the future, whatever it might be.

Outside of that, Moxie continues to try my patience with all sorts of shenanigans. Last night, [ profile] princessklutz04 told me that my cat gets herself into the most bizarre and impossible situations, or something along those lines. She's right. I think the only person who could give her a run for her money might be [ profile] octobre09's cat Kristopher.

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I don't think I new true terror until I thought Moxie was going to die within the confines of a cinder block wall. Seriously.

What makes an animal want to cram themselves down a hole in a 6ft high wall is beyond me. That she would do it twice is even more unfathomable. And then having to finally reach in and pull her out? My arm is all kinds of scraped and nasty today, thanks to this awesome situation.

Is it bad that I'm trying to write some short non-fiction about this event? I figure, if something can be simultaneously humorous and terrifying I might as well attempt to get the most out of it that I can. Although I tend to suck at writing funny so I'm not quite sure on that point.

Other than that... the only thing I've really got going on is the job search and messing around with my mother's WiiFit. I'm actually somewhat awesome when it comes to skateboarding, at least there I am, lol.

At least I have the option to be online for a little while.

How is 2010 looking for the f-list so far? I still can't really believe that it's here.
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Imagine waking up at 5am to the sounds of cat retching. It's been done before, I'm used to cats just randomly doing this and then going on their merry way.

This morning, has proved to be VERY different. I'm at work now, already contemplating going home because I'm really worried about Moxie. She's all lethargic and kind of suffering some vertigo thing and I can't figure out if it's because she was just weak from throwing up and needing to eat or if it was something else. She did eat some food this morning, but she's obviously dizzy. There have been a couple times when I've tried to pick her up while avoiding upsetting her stomach and she has FREAKED OUT. Plus, jumping up on the bed, or jumping down from it seems to involve a lot more preparation than normal, like she's not really sure where things are. I don't know if she's waiting for the horizon to level out or if she's just weak or sore or what the deal is. If she's still acting like this when I go home during lunch, I have to take her in.

I don't know if she got into something, if something happened in the middle of the night, or what the deal was. She was fine when I went to bed, and this morning, everything is just upside down and chaotic. And I'm just worried.

Good luck focusing on work this morning. *worries more*
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Is this icon not awesome? I'm 99% sure I know what it's from, mostly because there are these random Dunks ads that play when I listen to the game, with Pedrioa battling Goliath. I just look at it and giggle, because I really am that lame.

I really would love to make some deep, introspective post right now, but I'm stuck in this horrible rut of over-sharing that I really, really don't want to get into here right now. Work is work, life is life, and I'm trying my best to get through it.

To sum things up, life over the past week and a half has included a lot of work, a lot of driving, and a lot of work.

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Plans for this weekend include a lot of reading, setting up a comm for the first time on lj, and going shopping for something to wear to my friends' wedding next weekend. The last thing will probably be the most difficult part of my weekend, mostly because the weather here is all over the place and I can only imagine what it will be like in Blackduck. People who think they can predict the weather are insane, seriously.

I also can not stop listening to Passion Pit.


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