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Supposedly it is spring now. Where I work, the only remaining snow is stuff that has been piled up, so I guess it looks like it's getting close to spring. It certainly doesn't feel like it though.

With Easter weekend coming up, there still haven't been any baseball games for the high school. I'm pretty sure my dad and the team are getting antsy to actually play a game, but I think this was probably the first week they were able to practice on their field, so it's not like they're completely prepared yet.

The one good thing about having cold weather, it keeps working at a yarn shop from feeling completely irrelevant. Hanging out here for 8 hours is going to be my zen activity for the day, especially if traffic is slow. This means I'll be watching Netflix on my laptop and knitting on a baby blanket for a few hours at least. Not exactly a bad way to pass the time.

Being that I live where I live, I also felt I should share a few thoughts (for posterity) on the reincarnation of Fargo that has started airing as of last night (episode-specific stuff will be behind a cut...):

While the Coen brother's movie came out in 1996, traveling to Washington DC in 2001, everywhere I went, when I told people where I was from, the first thing I would hear in response was "Fargo!" It is for this reason alone that I have been fretting about this show for the past few months. It also heavily features the area where I grew up. Bemidji is 30 miles south of where I lived and went to school; not to mention where I currently work. Knowing Bemidji was going to play a major role in at least the first episode I was bracing myself.

If there is one thing most people carry away from the original film, it's the accents. I sat through most of the movie thinking about how overblown the accents were and I figured it would be much the same for the show. However, I wanted to at least try to watch the show, because I happen to enjoy Martin Freeman (YAY SHERLOCK and the Hobbit and a million other things!!!) and figured it would be interesting to see how someone from the UK would interpret a Minnesotan accent.

For those of you who have watched the show - Yes. We sound like that. A few actors overdid it, but for the most part... yeah, that's what we sound like.

This episode floored me, mostly because I wasn't expecting a lot of what happened. I figured things were going to be drawn out over the course of series. It was a lot bloodier than I was expecting, and there was a much higher body count than anticipated at the end of the episode.

Billy Bob Thornton's character Lorne Malvo (totally missed hearing his name when I was watching) is one twisted individual. He must love to go around sowing seeds of chaos, because in his wake there seemed to be nothing but disaster. He creeps me out, but I'm very interested to see what else he's going to get up to.

Lester Nygaard is so far away from John Watson, even my mother was asking why Martin Freeman would choose to play this part since they're at such opposite ends of the spectrum. I felt bad for him through most of the episode, especially considering how hateful his wife could be and the fact that he managed to brain himself on a window out of fear. Personally, I don't think that man is built to handle what he did at the end of the episode, so I'm not sure how long he's going to hold out when it comes to covering up killing his wife and then being an accomplice to the murder of an officer of the law. That will be interesting to watch as well.

It was actually much darker than I was expecting for the first episode. Watching the police chief get gunned down was heart-wrenching, knowing that character isn't going to meet his child. And watching Lester come to terms with what he has done was brilliant but all kinds of horrifying. I kept sitting there thinking "what have you done?"

I have such a difficult time with humor, and I had figured I would have to stomach a bunch of cliched Minnesota jokes and some minor violence. This pretty much turned all of my expectations inside out and upside down, so I'm intrigued and looking forward to the next episode since they've crafted a great set up with these characters.

So far, the only accent I haven't liked has been Colin Hanks' Gus Grimly character. I'm hoping it will get better, but I thought it was the most exaggerated of the cast. Everyone else seemed to walk the line pretty well. All of the "oh yah" and "Ah Jeez" comments felt authentic.

Plus, I knew they had hit their mark when I was catching my mother up on something when she was out of the room and spouted off "There was this guy in the trunk..." and stopped talking because I realized they had pretty much nailed the accent and it was making mine even more apparent.
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