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Wow this week. For obvious reasons, death seems to have been on my mind a lot, whether it's in regards to a famous celebrity dying or the continued unrest in Iran. So much of it is a continued reminder of our humanity and mortality and I find myself lost in a lot of thought over it.

Say what you will about Michael Jackson -I know I've felt a little conflicted keeping some of his music in my collection- but as someone who considers listening to music pretty much as important as breathing I've pretty much learned to separate this music of the past with the harsh reality of the present. It's weird, I kind of wondered if he would ever really be able to make a comeback. On some level, I think I almost hoped it would happen. There are a lot of posts that say it better than I'm saying it.

It was weird watching the whole internet explode over this. I mean, ONTD literally killed LJ for a few minutes there. But the thing I couldn't get past was a few of the "too soon" comments that were made. I think someecards and theonion probably saw a little follower fluctuation just because they chose to make a few comments that were somewhat tasteless. I think I knew what they were going for with what they said, but in the moment, I kind of winced and felt a little bad that these are the things people choose to say after they hear someone has died.

At least it is Friday and I can enjoy a hermit weekend working on my knitting and just hole up in my apartment. Except it is Pride Weekend, and at some point in my life I need to participate in that. Going by myself doesn't feel like a wise decision though. *sigh*


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