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I hate being told what to do, it's probably one of my worst faults.  I'm perfectly willing to be asked to do something, and I'll get it done without complaint.  But tell me "hey do this!" and you'll get a half-ass job that usually ends up being accompanied by a bunch of exasperated sighs and a lot of grumbling.  The thing that I've recently discovered is that I can't force myself into a task any more than someone else could.  Example:  Twice now, I've started an afghan in an effort to protect my quilt from getting bleached by the sun (per my mom's request) and while I'm liking the fact that I don't have to deal with cables on the second effort, it's still not going well, because I'm forcing myself into it.  Also, the minute I tell myself I'm going to write something... it's like dropping a massive writer's block on my brain... no creative juices flowing, period.  It's frustrating, that much is for sure.
The writing issue is all about nerves though.  I need to stop thinking of it as "have to" and start looking at it as "want to" because I really do, but challenging myself in this way might have been jumping the gun or something.  Oh well, if it ends up sucking, at least I can say I tried.

Looks like the Mets are winning, but the Dodgers could still pick up the slack... I just hope Detroit slaughters the Yankees so we don't have another subway series... 
ETA:  Apparently Detroit DID slaughter New York!  Yay!  I need to pay more attention to ESPN news or something...


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