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I'm feeling fine about the story, actually, I feel pretty damn good about the story.

The choir concert:
If you're interested in my insights )

Marin is supposed to be back tonight, and apparently bringing a friend with her for the week. I'm not sure how I feel about it, because in the past I know what guests mean. They mean messes that no one cleans up, Marin skipping class because she was up all night with her friend, and a complete loss of my TV time (and everyone should know by now that I have some strangely symbiotic relationship with my television sets). So, what should I do? Kick up a fuss about it, or do nothing and stew. I know what my sister would say - "Be direct!" And she would be right. But... I don't want to be mean to my friends... and I don't want to be a crab about these things. Just watch, two weeks from now I'll have some complaint about Chloe. It's just like we can't catch a break, because somehow at a point last year we managed to work out a decent understanding among the four of us. And of course I'm only remembering the good times at this point, so I don't exactly remember when that happened. Was it earlier or later in the year? And why does this matter?

The light at the end of the tunnel? There's a new House this week, and there's a new CSI, which looks to be totally awesome! Its going to be dark, but I'm looking forward to that. We get to see WP do the criminalist-killer thing that he's done in the past. I'm wondering if there will be any similarity to Manhunter, or if that's just wishful thinking.

Alas, Will is trying to sleep before her 3:30am-6:30am shift, so I should be courteous and get off of the computer. I'll probably go write for a while, since I'm still living on pre-daylight savings time and that means my brain is basically scrambled.


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