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Guess what ranting got me yesterday? Nothing except feeling guilty about all the whining I was doing. It turns out that after midnight my muse decided to return. Thank God! So, my story is almost finished, and I have a couple of days to spare right? Of course, a beta is probably in my best interest so, we'll see how I feel about it later. I feel good about it now, but give me a couple of hours. I'll be in the middle of the choir concert and suddenly realize that something is horribly wrong with what I've written. But, until that moment, I'm pleased with how it's looking at the moment.

Now, it's time for me to make myself pretty for the choir concert today. I'm not looking forward to this... at all. My parents, as well as Becky's, are going to be here, and as much as I want to be able to dinner with them after, I get the feeling it will be out of the question because it's going to be dark by the time the concert is finished. The thing no one tells you about northern Minnesota is that it's the middle of nowhere, but there are deer everywhere, waiting for you to use them to demolish your car. It was creepy driving back to school on Friday night, because they were all eating in the ditches and on hills besides the road, but the only thing I saw cross the road was a weasel or a fox or something small like that. I'm glad I didn't hit anything, because Mom would have had a fit if I had. Chances are I won't do something like this again, because she was really apprehensive about me driving alone so late at night. I'm a college student, late nights don't phase me. Still, she was worried, and I felt bad about that.

Okay, off to get ready, I have a ton to do, and 2 hours to do it.
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The drive to and from Blackduck was worth it. Even though it was a high school production, Twelfth Night was done very well. Gushing about the play )

The drive back to school helped me to straighten out my trick or treat fic... except it's STILL not done, and I'm kind of starting to panic at this moment.
A little worried )


Oct. 19th, 2006 08:19 am
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Can some one explain why when I write fan fiction I have no passive sentences in my work, but when I write a paper Word tells me 10-15% of my sentences are passive?  How can I be more direct when I'm writing something fictional?  I'm a terrible liar, and an even worse storyteller (unless I've had time to plot the story).
I'm going back to my passive paper, so I can get the hell off of campus and watch CSI tonight!


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